Why the name? C, F, L, and R are the letters which (when they appear at the end of a word) are pronounced (most others are silent). (R is only sometimes.) There are exceptions: S is pronounced at the end of words like fils and mars.

The organization has certain obnoxious rules about writing on the Interwebs. Naturally they chafe me, so I’m ignoring them and hoping not to be detected. Specifically I’m hiding in plain sight. To make it less likely that someone searching for Organization volunteers will find me, I’m trying to avoid naming the Organization directly. In real life, of course, I just use its name or its initials, PC. Please don’t link to this site using the name of the Organization in question.

I have created some mailing lists for the usage of the readers of this blog, who I expect to be firends and family. The idea is thanks to Adam Marcus. The lists are unsung-hero@lists.cameroon.betacantrips.com and vac@lists.cameroon.betacantrips.com. vac is a discussion list used to coordinate travel plans. unsung-hero is for people interested in sending me things. I will try not to read that one, but I cannot promise anything. To subscribe or whatever, please see vac interface and unsung-hero interface.

As with other blogs I run, I have disabled comments on all posts. I prefer email to comments, hands down. I have created a discussion list for those who want to discuss posts (see discussion@lists.cameroon.betacantrips.com). Additionally, you can always email me if you would like to respond to something I have written.