Déchirer (Friday, 2010 November 26)

November 26, 2010

It is my opinion that one of the reasons immersion works so well as a language learning technique is not because it forces you to practice, but instead because you already know, 90% of the time, what the other person is about to say, so you can quickly build a vocabulary of words that fit […]


Épuisé (Wednesday, 2010 November 24)

November 24, 2010

Title by request of Julia. Épuiser means to fatigue, or wear out, and I think it comes from the word puiser, meaning to draw water (i.e. from a well). Saying you’re épuisé is therefore akin to saying you’re all used up, all drawn out, or simply worn out. In our discussion on franglais this past […]


Clando (Sunday, 2010 November 21)

November 21, 2010

Working here as a volunteer with the Organization is a 24/7 job — you don’t "go to work", you "take leave". And leave is scarce. You get 24 days a year "for free"; you get to travel sometimes for committee meetings; you get a week off for training with other volunteers; and there’s a new […]


Saison seche (Wednesday, 2010 November 17)

November 17, 2010

It’s officially the saison seche, dry season here in the West, and the change is stunningly simple and distinct. The week before last it rained every day or two, enough for me to gather water to bathe with and even do dishes. Last week it rained once, hard, cutting power. This week it isn’t going […]


Poule de Dieu (Tuesday, 2010 November 16)

November 16, 2010

So it turns out that Bonheur’s name is not actually Bonheur, it’s Brondon, which isn’t relevant to the story except that he says a few things and I’d like to have his name right. I think this happened Saturday, after we got back from the deuil — which I haven’t written about, but I was […]


Déchargé (Monday, 2010 November 15)

November 15, 2010

Gosh! Haven’t written in almost a week. Partly that’s due to not having power; it rained Wednesday and power went out during club, and then steadfastly didn’t come back for the rest of the week, nor the weekend either. Strangely enough, power was back in the rest of the village, but not here at my […]


Poverty (Tuesday, 2010 November 9)

November 9, 2010

Went to Bafoussam today to buy a ton of groceries and some housewares — specifically something to use with the non-stick frying pan that I bought, since I don’t want to scratch it up any worse — and wound up with a bleach explosion. This makes the second time since I got to country! Not […]


-glais (Thursday, 2010 November 4)

November 7, 2010

Today’s post is titled after the third and probably least significant part of the word Camfranglais, which was coined to describe the mélange of languages that one speaks here. ("Il va die", "he is going to die".) It happens to be the part I know best, which is why Parfait and Bonheur have been coming […]


Meubles (Encore) (Wednesday, 2010 November 3)

November 6, 2010

Today I finally received a substantial part of my kitchen. Voila: I "ordered" (commander) this table about two months ago. He said it would take a few weeks. Then there was some stuff about how he was sick, and then he was helping at the hospital doing vaccinations or something. But today he brought it […]


Éloigné (Tuesday, 2010 November 2)

November 6, 2010

[Edit: this post was once called Déconnecté, but that name was taken by a post on 2010-10-15. The new name, Éloigné, translates as "made distant", and corresponds to the fact that I’d left my Internet key in Bangangté.] Haven’t had Internet for the last few days due to stupidly leaving my Camtel key someplace. Should […]