Cours de Vacances (Wednesday, 2010 July 7)

July 8, 2010

First off, happy birthday to Chiz (whose birthday it was yesterday). Also, happy birthday to Esther, whose birthday it is today. Sorry I forgot to say something.

Secondly, the model school started today. Actually started, although opening ceremonies were yesterday, because today I observed my first classes. Thoughts:

  1. J-P, who is the trainer for ICT stuff, is actually a pretty engaging teacher in French, and the volunteer (AD) who is a teacher for ICT is actually pretty dull in French. The situations are naturally completely opposite in English. I guess this means I really need to get my French in order, and really pay attention to my persona in the classroom.
  2. I wore my first booboo today. It’s the same material that Jenny and Jared got at first, but there wasn’t enough for it to be our "official" ICT nerd-gear. The booboo, which is apparently a traditional Cameroonian garment, has been nicknamed "the Jared" because he was the first one to get something made. In fact, in our assessments today, I got something that says "Should try wearing more local fabrics", which is utterly ridiculous on so many levels, but there you are. I also commissioned my second booboo, this one in the "ICT fabric". Pictures will be forthcoming.
  3. I talked to the director of education yesterday. He sounded like he was of the opinion that I might have a different post soon, about which I have conflicted feelings. I liked Batié, but I did not like that I didn’t really see a need for me.
  4. New French classes; I’m with Ryan and Peter. Ryan is about as good as I am, maybe a little better, but Peter glazes over after the first hour or so. I got a few minutes alone with my trainer and I mentioned to her that there hadn’t been a great need for me, and she repeated more-or-less the thing that Nadege had said about how sometimes the PTA hires teachers if there aren’t any available, but my feeling is that if someone is going to get a free teacher, it doesn’t need to be the people in the West who can afford to hire someone else.
  5. USB key still doesn’t work. Will try harassing Camtel tomorrow.
  6. Got mail from Gus today! Also a letter from Aunt Jeanie. The US postmarks say: 5 Jun and 11 Jun respectively. The Cameroonian postmarks say 20 Jun. How long has the Organization therefore been holding them? You do the math. Neither has been "clipped" to see if there are delicious candy inside.

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