Blowout (Thursday, 2010 July 15)

July 15, 2010

The 5e class at model school is full of little assholes. They’re rowdy. Maybe it’s because there are 52 of them, which isn’t even that much by local standards. Anyhow, I spent my whole lesson stuck in a tarpit of something I shouldn’t have been trying to teach and disciplining students. I think the two are related, actually, but everyone else who’s taught cinquième thinks the same things I do.

But fortunately, since I only used 10 minutes of material, I don’t have to plan as much for my lessons tomorrow! Every cloud has a silver lining.

Some random things.

  1. A moto can carry another moto. I’ve seen it.
  2. There is a tennis court here. People even use it. They aren’t very good.
  3. Crashed a Pidgin lesson today. Pidgin is a language spoken in the Anglophone part of the country. It’s a fun language, but basically not well-studied.
  4. Rose mentioned to me Ethnologue, which has a page for the language spoken here, which is nevertheless not very helpful.
  5. A shirt a few days ago on one of the students. On the back, the words "Professionele Jiegdoplieding". It’s not uncommon to find people here, especially kids, with clothing that has other languages on it.
  6. Pictures.

This is the path that goes from my host family’s house to the "base" for training.

This is the path that goes the other way. Looks pretty developing-world, doesn’t it? But if you climb a bit:

You’ll see there’s a paved road here. On that paved road..

Is Claude. And further..

Brooklin Salon. I’ve wanted to take a picture of this place since I first got here. It’s a hair salon, basically, I think. Not sure what will happen if I ask for the "Ché"..

Tennis court. Not a great action shot, but the real action didn’t come out well.

Vladimir’s shirt. "JE SUIS 1 SUPER HEROS", or, translated, "I AM 1 SUPER HEROS".

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