Statistique (Tuesday, 2010 August 10)

August 10, 2010

A number of good things happened today:

  • Got an opportunity to just chill and play with my laptop for a few hours while we waited for another teacher to fill out their grades. Then, was able to use my spreadsheet skillz to rapidly calculate the students’ averages and give them all ranks. Filling out the report cards became a meditative exercise, like shoveling snow, once I stopped making mistakes in the copying.
  • In the meantime, exchanged music with Timothy. He has recently shared with me "Lust Lust Lust" by a band called "The Raveonettes". It’s wonderful, that kind of crunchy thick echoey polyphony. Don’t buy their Sony releases, but Lust Lust Lust and "In & Out of Control" are safe.
  • Got my language level back. Advanced low. Gaston congratulated me, to which I only had a weak smile.
  • It rained today. Like usual, the rain was only for a few minutes, but today it had an intensity that had been missing. It was incredibly calming, the release to a tension I hadn’t noticed.
  • The pineapple. Today the pineapple, good lord. Have I mentioned the pineapple here? ‘Cause when it’s good, it’s really good (and when it’s bad, well you know how it goes). Today it was that sweet-tangy with hints of orange and vanilla, rather than just the normal flavor of pineapple. Falling off the bone, if you can say that. Delicious.
  • Wrote a little code (emacs lisp) when I was working with tables in that last entry. Posted it to a mailing list. Nice to bring to completion something even as small as that.

So I decided I might as well take the time to work on the presentation I’m giving Thursday. I guess I have enough for now. I’ll have to work on it more tomorrow. Still, today has been pretty good.

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