Vladimir (Wednesday, 2010 August 11)

August 12, 2010

Spent a little time talking with my host family. Relaxed conversation. Christelle asked how I will feel after I leave next week. I said I’m ready to be independent, but a little scared, and a little sad to go.

Vladimir is rambunctious as always. Today we started chastising him, and he responded by throwing a tantrum. Astride finally got fed up, plucked him off the floor and plopped him onto the couch. "Go to bed, why don’t you," or words to that effect. Vladimir responded by peeing on her, and then, as we watched in startled-but-amused awe, peed on her again.

Oh, I guess he was running around pantsless. I guess some things have ceased surprising me.

I have a presentation tomorrow, which I chose to do on the local language, and in general the manner in which you can learn a little about a language. Things like tones, noun classes, stuff you might encounter. I’m so far beyond caring whether it’s a good presentation; the bare minimum is 15 minutes. I have 15 slides. Talk slowly.

In the meantime I’m feeling pretty good. It’s raining right now. Today I downloaded some albums by she and filed a bug report.

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