Fiches de progression (Tuesday, 2010 September 14)

September 14, 2010

Finished my fiches de progression today (aka "schemes of work", aka "projets pedagogiques"). Brought them to the secretary’s office. She printed them out for me, after first arranging them to minimize wasted paper and fixing my various French mistakes. (Examples: pratique, not "practique". Exercice, not exercise. Projet, not project. Décembre with an accent. You get the idea.) I thought very little of the secretary at the lycée but she knows what’s up. She even breast-fed her baby, right there in the office. She also tried to speak English to me — but when I spoke back, she understood very little.

I’d like to upload my final results (but can’t just yet), even though they’re in French and basically worthless to you anyhow. I guess this is part of my scrapbooking effort, and who knows, maybe they’ll be useful to someone else. The highlights are the terminale and premiere ones, which rapidly become an exercise in educational fantasy because there just isn’t enough material worth teaching in the textbook they want to use. I decided to teach UML and their weird French system for analyzing systems ("Merise"), but they aren’t "practical", as the book says they are, they’re theory. That leaves me with a lot less lab work in premiere, so sure, they can learn to write GUIs! They can learn to do Web programming! Why not?

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