Groceries (Wednesday, 2010 Oct 13)

October 14, 2010

During a recent trip to Bafoussam, I brought back some goodies:

Depicted; a sausage, an orange juice drink that came in a plastic can, and "gateau" (a kind of white bread that is a little sweet).

Depicted: Pringoooals, some mediocre chocolate cookies, a bar of baking chocolate, and an "alveol" of eggs.

Not depicted: green olives, mustard, black pepper, dried garlic, and flour.

The sausage cost (if memory serves) 2,400 CFA and since I don’t have a fridge, I got to make sure I ate it within two or three days. It was still pretty worth it. Similarly, the baking chocolate was the best chocolate I’ve had here in Cameroon, although most of the chocolate has milk so I haven’t had too much.

I offered green olives to the neighborhood kids. They were not taken with them.

All in all, on that trip to Bafoussam I spent 15,000 CFA, all on processed food.

Parfait poses with the haul from one grocery trip on a Market Day. Prunes: 300 CFA. Carrots: 200 CFA. The potato-y things are some kind of yam, that’s 200 CFA worth of them. 400 CFA worth of salade, or lettuce, in the plastic bag. Jeans that don’t fit me, which I let a lady talk me into buying: 2000 CFA. Total for everything: about 5000 CFA.

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