Bulletin (Monday, 2010 October 25)

October 25, 2010

So hungry. But it’s kind of OK; I finally feel the balance swinging a little bit towards "catching up on things" instead of "falling further behind on things". Specifically:

  1. Tests are all graded. Grades are all calculated, with one or two bizarre exceptions. All that remains is to fill in the bulletins, report cards. Each class takes me 30-60 minutes. I fucked up one in 3m4. Normally you should put white-out but I don’t have any and none was handy, so fuck it. P.S. Still have four classes worth of these fucking things to fill out.
  2. Power is actually for-reals working in the computer lab again! This means we can actually do things on the computers!
  3. Arranged an ordinater, using a Windows XP CD that I created myself thanks to a CD burner courtesy of Jen and Chiz. Thanks a ton, guys! Tried to arrange another one in putting Lubuntu on it, but the boot process is taking forever and I have no goddamned idea why. But I’ve ruled out software, so it’s gotta be hardware. Also checked out the computer of the librarian (P.S. our lycee has a library! Too bad all the books are in English..) and it seems to be working fine, as long as you boot the French Windows XP and not the English one.
  4. Many emails between me and Gus lately due to an argument that seems to be sorted out now. This fight means a lot to me, because it marks a turning point where I stop being a jerk for laughs. Not sure exactly what I will be next, but I hope it is something that really listens. Let’s say a microphone.

Random other stuff going on at this particular moment in my brain: my netbook doesn’t suspend to disk due to the fact that it’s got an encrypted swap partition. I need to look into how to set this up right. Going to Bafoussam tomorrow to help another volunteer do computer shopping. My newest pair of tailored black pants fits really well, but I don’t have enough money to work on the next clothings. It rained a lot this weekend, which was great in that I could wash using rain water instead of dirty stream water, but was not great in that power was out. Currently downloading newest version of Lubuntu; apparently the whole Ubuntu family released in the last couple weeks. Cory Doctorow’s For the Win was great! I started some academic book called Open Source and it’s kind of OK, got some stuff I didn’t know and pointers to stuff I want to look at more.

Gonna whip up some starches now and work on the teach-yourself-Python-in-thirty-appalling-French-chapters. Ta!

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