Edition (Tuesday, 2010 October 26)

October 26, 2010

Continuing to work on the backlog of stuff I want to do. Finished filling out report cards today, even the troublesome Premiere class. Here is my most recent edit to OpenStreetMap based on the traces I’ve been taking. Edits as they happen are here. Here is the thing I’m writing for the other teachers about teaching algorithms with Python. I finished the chapter on installation last night and wrote an incoherent email to everyone on the mailing list. Got 7 bounces pretty much immediately. I guess I can’t read Cameroonian.

I wonder if I’m trying to keep busy to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty of being a teacher.

No power tonight. Still haven’t finished downloading the Lubuntu ISO. Still need to calculate pass-rate statistics for all eight classes. Informatique club tomorrow (and I’m a little terrified).

Today’s title, "Edition", is the name given to the second menu in Microsoft products (what is, in English, called "Edit").

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