Meubles (Encore) (Wednesday, 2010 November 3)

November 6, 2010

Today I finally received a substantial part of my kitchen. Voila:

I "ordered" (commander) this table about two months ago. He said it would take a few weeks. Then there was some stuff about how he was sick, and then he was helping at the hospital doing vaccinations or something. But today he brought it to the market and I was able to hire a pousse-pousse to get it up the hill. Total cost: 9500 CFA.

This provides an opportunity to discuss my other cooking equipment.

This is my "plaque à gaz", which is only about a hand’s breadth high. It’s basically just two knobs and sparkers. There’s a marmite, "cooking pot", which has some water in it for pasta.

This is where the bouteille is. There’s a knob you turn to put gas on, or to turn gas off.

Posing with the new equipment.

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