Cuisine (Thursday, 2011 January 27)

January 27, 2011

I was thinking tonight about writing up that post about some of the things going on right now that don’t suck, but then a bunch of shit happened that sucked. Specifically:

  • Boris was here to upload some photos to his Facebook account. He just left, at 9:30 PM. Not that I was going to be productive tonight anyhow, but still.
  • Monsieur Dinesso (my head of department) wanted me to send him the statistics on pass/fail rates for this semester, and my phone was out of credit, because the guy who usually does transfers at the Lycée wasn’t there today.
  • Cooking dinner became an exercise in slapstick as I overcooked the cabbage according to a recipe that I hadn’t really read, knocked over a glass bottle and shattered it on the tile floor, couldn’t get the rice open, failed to correctly count the number of cups of rice I wanted, etc.

So faced with a pot of overcooked, wet, gloppy rice and a pot of tender, tasteless cabbage, I decided to think fast. Remembering a Cameroonian saying at a deuil that the secret to cooking is pimante and cube, I decided to press forward. I sautéed a tomato and some onions with some sugar, tossed in the cabbage and dumped a ton of soybean oil in. Then, a bunch of salt and a cube. Result? It tastes like salt and cube. But: Boris really liked it, said that I had invented a "new cuisine", and asked me for the recipe. So I guess this means I’ve internalized Cameroonian cooking. Take that, cultural exchange.

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