Serpent (Tuesday, 2011 March 15)

March 15, 2011

I love Tuesdays, and I’m even starting to love Monday nights, because I don’t have class Tuesday. It’s the only time I am fairly certain I will be alone; the Boys from next door are in class so I can just do whatever I want even during the daytime.

Today, however, my nerdy reverie was disturbed by a rustling. Holy shit, is that a snake? Why is it in my house?? (Lizards sometimes hang out on my porch and run into the house when threatened, but I’ve never seen a snake.) But when I got up to freak out about it, it turned tail and fled. So I went back to being a nerd.. until an hour or two later when I saw it again out of the corner of my eye.

Sorry about the low quality of these pictures; my "real" camera is déchargé.

He’s finally getting ready to leave. That’s my raquelet, which functions sort of like a mop.

He’s checking out my garbage here.

Finally chased him out of the house; even went out onto the porch to scare him off with a broom. Some students from my première class came in to the compound at just that time and addressed me in patois. Rather than engage, I thought it would be fun to respond in French. "Do you see that snake over there?" I got the response wanted; one of them flinched. "Where was he?? In the house??" And then they picked up a heavy piece of wood and attempted to smash the snake to death with it. I didn’t stick around to see if they succeeded.

So back to being a nerd. I have something interesting I’ll be uploading in the next day or two. Stay tuned.

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