Attraper (Wednesday, 2011 March 23)

March 23, 2011

Last night I heard the tell-tale noises of mice again and this time I caught two — one who was just kind of standing there deer-in-headlights as I dropped a tin over him, and the other one running around in the bathroom trying to climb the wall, I think in an effort to escape. This morning I shuffled them out, sliding their prisons along the floor until I could get them outside, whereupon I deposited them into this bucket:

Life is sacred, but I didn’t want it in my damned house, so I carried the bucket down the road for a few minutes before dumping them out in the dirt on the side. I expected them to scamper away for their lives, but instead one just hid under a leaf and the other just lay there. I have a feeling that despite my efforts, I killed them anyhow, but maybe they’re just tired after the stress of being cooped up like that overnight.

Attraper, to catch, works in a lot of idiomatic senses that it really shouldn’t — you can attraper le rhume for example, catch a cold, or catch a car en route.

Haven’t been writing as much as I should be lately. There’s a post coming up soon but I don’t know when, exactly, I’ll get to it. This is the last week before Spring Break (Congés de Pâques, Easter Break), and I have one exam to give today, two tomorrow, and two more Friday, and then I leave on an epic clandoing journey of discovery, companionship, redemption, and finding out what it means to be ourselves. It’s two weeks worth of break, but really I’ve only got about six days worth of plan. Sounds about right so far.

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