Paresse (Saturday, 2012 June 2)

June 2, 2012

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but "they" say about service as a Volunteer that "the days go slowly, but the weeks go fast". It’s true; I’m counting 66 days until I’m the hell out of this country, and each one is unbearably long and tedious but I can still remember one hundred days left of service, or counting back before I knew when my COS date actually was back in April. Yesterday I was at the school for hopefully the last time, this time for sure, to proctor and grade the practical exam in Informatique. Mostly kind of lame secretarial kinds of practical exercises, but still not so bad.

I foolishly believed that with school over, I’d have oodles of free time to do things like write in my blog, upload photos, or otherwise be semiproductive. Instead the government is opening a "telecentre" and it’s semi-functional, although only as a "-centre" because there’s no Internet connection yet. Still, it’s a neat place and I’m giving training there, so that keeps me a little busy, and outside that, I’m still giving last-minute tutoring to one or two students who haven’t yet taken their Probattoires. And of course people are still here all the time to bother me for whatever trivial reasons. So, still tedious. Some of these kids are likely to go to the "Big City" for the vacation to sell stuff and thereby earn a little money for their school fees next year, so when that happens my life will again get incrementally better. Until then..

I haven’t been able to upload pictures as much as I’d like for a variety of not-awesome reasons, most specifically because my camera’s been lent out a little more than I’d like and then because on top of that, I haven’t had a great connection. But soon, hopefully.

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