HTML (Friday, 2012 July 27)

July 27, 2012

Second of the last three things I needed to do before I go was this book on 1ere. It came out to about 15-16 thousand words, something between 43 and 48 pages. This is the uncorrected version, there are a bunch of grammatical errors (stuff like que un, il sont, jusqu’ils, un virgule — which, seriously, feminine?). Perhaps one day I’ll merge the changes from the revised versions. My father also gets bonus points for even proofreading the last thing and finding an error in the Roman numerals.

The final product of my labors came out to be about 72 pages.

On my way out of the telecenter I ran into Queen Cristina’s counterpart, a very nice gentleman named Victor. He’s one of the nicer people here. He was at the going-away party Wednesday (which I probably should have mentioned — sometimes this village is nice to us), and at that party I’d stood up and apologized that I hadn’t really been able to work with any of the people present, who Cristina mostly knew from her work, because I’d been stuck at the lycée all the time. Anyhow, he came up to me on his moto and said that what I’d said really touched him and made him feel guilty because he’d kind of had his hands full with his volunteer and had figured my counterpart was also taking care of me. And then he gave me these two business cards for SGI, that Buddhist organization. Maybe I do need more Buddhism in my life, hmm?

Here’s the files. The last one I wrote using org-mode, rendered to HTML and then twiddled with LibreOffice Writer. This one was all ReStructuredText (RST), rendered to HTML. I’d send you the source this time too, but technical difficulties. Sorry.

Uploaded: html.html (XML document text, 153.0 KiB)

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