En partant (Friday, 2012 August 24)

August 24, 2012

En partant is something like "in leaving", used to describe the context of an action, like "In leaving Cameroon, I stopped and visited my host family in Bafia". I found some random crap I wrote after we got home from the bar. I originally intended to clean it up and post it as a full blog post but I think it’s kind of nice in its abbreviated scatteredness. Here it is:


I’m in Bafia right now, drunk as I normally am. Got home with Astride, who was an annoying disruption in stage but is now a valuable ally, having demonstrated her value as a Volunteer-monger.

Being here in the Alemi’s house is nice to an extent but also a little weird — there are echoes of that same strange terror that came from being here two years ago, thousands of miles from home.

I’m here with Boris, of course; that changes things to some extent.

Power’s out.

Nobody’s hitting on me, to my everlasting disappointment.

I’m no longer a volunteer, so I didn’t wear my moto helmet, but I brushed my teeth and took my Doxy, so one for one?

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