Correction (Sunday, 2012 September 9)

September 10, 2012

Here are updated versions of the books I wrote incorporating typo fixes and minor grammatical changes that were in the printed version.

Uploaded: html.html (XML document text, 153.0 KiB)
Uploaded: html.rst (HTML document, UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines, 118.0 KiB)
Uploaded: 3e Рsyst̬mes de num̩ration.odt (OpenDocument Text, 48.0 KiB)
Uploaded: 3e Рsyst̬mes de num̩ration.doc (Composite Document File V2 Document, Little Endian, Os: Windows, Version 1.0, Code page: -535, Revision Number: 44, Total Editing Time: 02:59:00, Create Time/Date: Sun Jul 15 19:09:44 2012, Last Saved Time/Date: Wed Sep 5 14:33:19 2012, 277.0 KiB)
Uploaded: 3e Рsyst̬mes de num̩ration.pdf (PDF document, version 1.4, 173.0 KiB)

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