Packing up

June 1, 2010

Just threw the clothes I was wearing into the laundry and then streaked back up to my room naked. The goal is to make sure I don’t leave any festering dirty clothes. I am probably overthinking this, as I have overthought everything else.

Today I spent a little while looking for Icehouse pieces, figuring that they’re worth their weight in entertainment value (and particularly so I could play/teach Kaxxt). I figured I really needed to get a few stashes, but they don’t sell them as stashes any more. Instead they come as sets of a playable game called Treehouse, which by luck I found a single copy of at a local store. But somehow only one stash doesn’t seem flexible enough for me, and I’m sincerely considering making more Icehouse pieces out of paper (also: did you know there’s a thing called the piecepack?). Of course, I’ll also need to print out all the rules for all the games I can play. Wait.. shouldn’t I be studying French or something?

I also bought a copy of Set. Everyone loves Set, whether they love it or not. Remember: these games are to encourage abstract thinking. Yes.

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