Missed my train

June 3, 2010

I was up a little later than perhaps I should have been and consequently had a hard time getting out of bed. My luggage are each 1-3 lbs over the limit (also: 0.5-1.5 kg). I probably would have stayed awake longer, trying to put more of my digital life in order, except that my wonderful girlfriend was in bed and it became increasingly difficult to resist holding her.

This morning I got a bit of a late start and (after trying to desperately pack some clothes — I still forgot t-shirts) staggered out the door. Big thanks to my amazing girlfriend, without whom I probably would have just given up, thrown the luggage in the river, and gotten a job at IBM. Amtrak’s people surlily (is that a word?) transmuted my ticket into another ticket — when they asked whether I wanted to take the train in 5 minutes or the one in 10 minutes, I said the later one because I just wanted to spend more time with her. God, and now I’m crying on the train, although not as bad as at the gate — I really bawled my eyes out. Getting soft in my old age, I guess.

Got selected for a random security screening. Made me feel no safer but glad they weren’t racially profiling. Still have no idea where I’m going once I get to Philadelphia. I’m going to miss you guys.

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