Doing fine (Thursday, 2010 June 17)

June 17, 2010

Got an email from a friend and wanted to post the response in case it wasn’t explicit from my other posts.

I am doing fine. I check the Internet every couple of days. Today I checked Twitter for the first time in two weeks and discovered something that I will have to check out when I get back.

I have not gotten sunburnt, despite the fact that I am on doxycycline (which makes you more sensitive to the sun). I did get two shirts made (same material; here they’re called "Africtures"). I don’t expect to upload pictures of them until later.

It’s mostly classwork, and over time I’m increasingly able to communicate with the locals. I haven’t played a board game since we left Yaounde; perhaps I will try to change that.

I am deeply in love with the food and expect to put on "the freshman fifteen" before too much longer.

Today I am using my own laptop and therefore able to type without fucking AZERTY bullshit.


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