Dormir (Tuesday, 2010 June 15)

June 17, 2010

I’m pretty tired and want to get to bed, plus not much has happened the last couple days, so I’m just going to hit the highlights:

  1. Trying to explain the short jokes we make about Jen. It doesn’t really even make sense in English: we’re just bad friends.
  2. Some things about Cameroonian French: "chez" is often pronounced "che". "Vingt et un" is often "vingt un" (which I’m OK with, even though I think it’s nonstandard), and other numbers like "vingt cinq" can become "vingt et cinq" (which is utterly bizarre).
  3. Today I picked up my first tailored clothes in Africa, including my only short-sleeved shirt (en français: court-manches). They’re ppretty goddamn cool. Everyone loves them. I didn’t even pick the fabric, although I could have — I just said "Africtures".
  4. I’m afraid Astride is flirting with me. She asked me why I left my phone in my room, since she was calling me to bother me. We were both at the "eating table" at the time, and I didn’t really get it — I’d left the phone to charge during the day. She pointed out that in that case it was charged and it was necessary to remove it; when I returned with it, she demonstrated the technique. You call someone, and when their phone rings and shows you their number, you deny that you are calling them. I dropped the P-bomb (from orbit — it’s the only way to be sure) again, but it may be that my strongest declaration of disinterest was returning to my homework rather than forcing conversation.

[N.B. P-bomb for "petit amie", or "girlfriend". You can never mention her enough times.]

  1. Nadege brought me some little gifts from her trip to Yaounde. (More bombardment may be necessary.) They’re little wooden tchotchkes that tourists like me eat right up. I like the bracelet, but I already have a necklace. (Which broke, and I mended, today.)
  2. Claude asked me to teach him a bit of English. Right now we mostly work on phonetics. If he learns to correctly make the "th" sound, unlike these other Francophones, I will be very pleased.
  3. Vocab: "déranger" (to bother) [N.B. I already "learned" this one], "du tout" (at all), "s’offrir" (to treat oneself).

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