Elizabeth G. (Saturday, 2010 June 12)

June 17, 2010

Something happened between Claude, who is my host brother and homeboy, and the host family of Elizabeth G. I keep trying to figure it out but every time I ask Claude, he gets loquacious in French that I do not understand about how there are always people who do not like you, and so on. I tried asking Elizabeth but I doubt she understands either, plus she flipped out at me today for talking to Claude about it and told me curtly that she’d appreciate it if I never mentioned it again. She wouldn’t explain why; she said something about keeping in mind potential rifts. She might mean rifts in the community where we’re staying, but one might guess that such a rift already exists.

I spent a minute or two trying to decide whether writing this counts as mentioning it. I’m pretty sure it does. But I’m still doing it because 1. I’m supposed to be learning about cultural norms here and nobody is willing to explain this to me and 2. I really goddamn hate it when someone tells me not to talk about something.

Too tired. That’s all for tonight.

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