Allison (Friday, 2011 September 2)

September 2, 2011

Allison is one of the few/proud informatique teachers in our stage, but since she’s posted to Anglophone, she’s actually a "computer science" teacher. She used to live in a mansion, complete with glass chandeliers, with running water but almost no réseau, what we would call "signal". So hardly any cell phone or Internet. Running water means water at one temperature, and that temperature is cold, so showers at her place were a real adventure. She’s moved now to replace one of the exciting old posts vacated by our predecessors. She’s working with the Ministry of Education now, so she isn’t constrained to the school year; she’s already hard at work. She’s also the de-facto leader of ICT Committee, because she’s the most motivated and organized member.

Here she is depicted at Bafoussam, capital of the West region. She is friendly and good-natured with the edge of sarcasm that goes well with good nerds.

The magic wands that me and Allison bought at training in Kribi. 500 CFA. Mine is sitting on my desk. I have no idea what to do with it.

Allison’s blog is at Adventures of A. Her cat is named Nasara, which is Fulfulde for "white person".

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